For a small really out of the way dot in the middle of the Pacific Ocean there are some really good places to eat. The fresh seafood the claims, the crabs!!

Lets start with Frank K’s owned by Katina Peter and you can taste some local fare and who would not like to try Marshallese food when in the Marshalls and this place is as good as it gets with a wide range of local food.

So try some Jukjuk or coconut and banana balls or Banke kalel local pumpkin cooked in coconut milk very tasty with baked fresh reef fish cooked in banana leaves. Another local favorite is mã which is cooked breadfruit in a coconut milk sauce this dish goes down well with local Island roosted piglet - you guessed it based in coconut milk. One more thing if you don’t like coconut you are in trouble in the Marshalls.

Centrally located in the Pacific, Majuro serves as the melting pot of international cuisine. Whether it's Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Indian, Western or local food that your taste buds are craving, you can be assured that the selection of restaurants on Majuro Atoll will be able to satisfy your palate.


Just ask your hotel staff to point you in the right direction or contact us at 625-MIVA (6482) for a list of the hot spots and off the beaten track local favorites.

AZ Restaurant
Features Western & Local Food
Location Delap
Telephone 625-5424
Seat Capacity 35
CFC Restaurant
Location Delap
Features Western & Asian Style Food. Buffet lunch & dinner also arranged
Telephone 625-6057
Seat Capacity 60 people (additional 20 can be arranged)
Chit Chat (MIC)
Features Range of budget food - pizza is a favorite. Western, local and take-away.
Location Oceanside Uliga - Hotel Marshall Islands behind the RRE Supermarket.
Telephone 625-5699
Seat Capacity 100
DAR Coffee Corner
Features Western, local and take-away
Location Oceanside Uliga
Telephone 625-3174
Seat Capacity 40
Enra Restaurant
Location Marshall Islands Resort, Delap
Features Full menu of western food and a pizza menu. Wednesday & Friday lunch buffets and great Sunday brunch. Full bar and good wine selection. Lagoon View and outside terrace dining.
Telephone 625-2525
Seat Capacity 116
Flame Tree
Location Between Payless Supermarket and the Marshall Island Resort in Delap.
Features Western style restaurant with burgers, pizza, noodles, fish & chips. Full bar, live music some nights.
Telephone 625-4229
Seat Capacity 35
Formosa Deli
Location Uliga
Features Fast Food
Telephone 625-3250 Ext 223
Seat Capacity 15
Frank K's Restaurant
Location Uliga
Features Traditional Marshallese food and western menu.
Telephone 625-6161
Seat Capacity 20
Kitco Restaurant
Location Uliga
Features Western, Local, Asian - Catering
Telephone 625-3208
Seat Capacity 40
La-Bojie's Fast Food
Location Airport
Features Takeout and Filipino food
Telephone 247-8989
Seat Capacity 75
Lathbern Restaurant
Location Uliga
Features Western, Local, Asian, Takeaway, Indo-Lankan
Telephone 625-6024
Seat Capacity 20
Long Island Restaurant
Location Long Island - Rairok
Features Fine dining - Western, Local, Asian & French. Lunch buffet on Thursday & Sunday. Lagoon view.
Telephone 247-6789
Seat Capacity 100
Monica's Restaurant
Location Uliga
Features Asian & Takeaway
Telephone 625-6686
Seat Capacity 20
Oriental Noodle Restaurant
Location Delap
Features Excellent Chinese food
Telephone 625-2088
Seat Capacity 45
Payless Deli
Location Delap
Features Fast Food
Telephone 625-3123
Seat Capacity 10
Tide Table
Location RRE Hotel, Uliga
Features Restaurant/Bar with big variety of food. Mexican, Sushi, Pizza and great lunchtime specials. Themed dinners.
Telephone 625-3250 Ext. 248
Seat Capacity 80
Won Hai Shien
Location Uliga, opposite Alele Museum
Features Asian food
Telephone 625-6641
Seat Capacity 60
Bars & Nightclubs
Majuro offers a variety of local bars and nightclubs all over the downtown area with karaoke, billiards and some with shuffleboard. So, put on your dancing shoes and stop by one of the local favorites – the places to go, every weekend!!
Awa Zero
Telephone 625-2929
Club Lanai
Telephone 625-8479
Flame Tree
Telephone 625-8733
Marshall Islands Club
Telephone 625-5699
Long Island Club
Telephone 247-6789
The Oasis
Telephone 625-4844
The Pub
Telephone 625-5435

About Marshall Islands 

From Honolulu, Continental Micronesia flies three times a week with their Island Hopper service, which starts in Honolulu, ends in Guam and then returns to Honolulu along the same route.

 Why not plan a Micronesian tour with the Marshalls Islands as your first stop?

Dive gear, although rental gear is available. Dress is casual. The U.S. dollar is the standard currency. U.S. citizens need only a passport ( no visa). The average temperature is 82 degrees Fahrenheit, so t-shirts and shorts are derigeur.

The summer months (May-September) are generally the warmest and when the seas are
at their calmest. The winter months, although breezier, remain warm and comfortable with water temperature remaining in the 80-degree range.

During the period from June 30, 1946, to August 18, 1958, the United States conducted 67 atmospheric nuclear tests in the Marshall Islands, 43 at Enewetak Atoll, 23 at Bikini Atoll, and one approximately 85 miles from Enewetak. The most powerful of those tests was the "Bravo" shot, a 15 megaton device detonated on March 1, 1954, at Bikini atoll. That test alone was equivalent to 1,000 Hiroshima bombs.

While the Bravo test is well known, it should be acknowledged that 17 other tests in the Marshall Islands were in the megaton range and the total yield of the 67 tests was 108 megatons, the equivalent of more than 7,000 Hiroshima bombs.

For the sake of comparison, it may be noted that from 1945 to 1988, the U.S. conducted a total of 930 known nuclear tests with a combined yield estimated to be 174 megatons. Approximately 137 megatons of that total was detonated in the atmosphere. In other words, while the number of tests conducted in the Marshall Islands represents only about 14% of all U.S. tests, the yield of the tests in the Marshalls comprised nearly 80% of the atmospheric total detonated by the U.S.

In June 1983, a formal Agreement Between the Government of the United States and the Government of the Marshall Islands for the Implementation of Section 177 of the Compact of Free Association was entered into (Section 177 Agreement). In that agreement, the U.S. recognized the contributions and sacrifices made by the people of the Marshall Islands in regard to the Nuclear Testing Program and accepted the responsibility for compensation owing to citizens of the Marshall Islands for loss or damage to property and person resulting from that testing.

Under the 177 Agreement, the United States provided to the Marshall Islands the sum of $150 million as a financial settlement for the damages caused by the nuclear testing program. That money was used to create a fund intended to generate $270 million for distribution over a 15 year period with average annual proceeds of  approximately $18 million per year through the year 2001. These funds were distributed among the peoples of Bikini, Enewetak, Rongelap, Utrik, for medical and radiological monitoring, and the payment of claims.

The 177 Agreement also provided for the establishment of a Claims Tribunal with jurisdiction to "render final determination upon all claims past, present and future, of the Government, citizens and nationals of the Marshall Islands which are based on, arise out of, or are in any way related to the Nuclear Testing Program."

The Marshall Islands Nuclear Claims Tribunal was established in 1988.  In 1991, the Tribunal first implemented a compensation program for personal injuries deemed to have resulted from the nuclear testing program.  By the end of 2003, the Tribunal had awarded more than $83 million in compensation for such injuries with additional compensable claims being filed on a regular basis.  In addition, the Tribunal has awarded over $1 billion in property damage awards in the class actions of the people of Enewetak Atoll and the people of Bikini Atoll. The pending property claims from the peoples of Rongelap and Utrik Atolls near completion, while the people of Ailuk Atoll have recently filed a class action claim for compensation.  

With only $45.75 million made available for actual payment of awards made by the Tribunal during the first fifteen years of the Compact and less than $6 million of the initial $150 million now remaining in the Nuclear Claims Fund, it has become clear that the original terms of the settlement agreement are manifestly inadequate.


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