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Professional Truck Drivers working as Contractors for Trucking Companies.  Work Form -
Trucking Companies - Employment Request for 1 of our Independent Contractors Truck Drivers Fee, expires after each employment - $350.00
Independent Contractor Truck Driver one time registration fee - expires after each employment - $35.00

Contract for Professional Truck Drivers working as independent contractors for Trucking Companies.
This is additional contract for trucking companies employing our Independent Contractors Truck Drivers (ICTD) in addition to contracts from Trucking Companies.  Applications and contracts can be emailed using our Contact form ( copy & paste to your message form)

Local__  In State__  Regional__  Over The Road__

As of 01-01-2015 - The rate is Per Mile $0.50 for Local, $0.45 for In State, $0.042 Regional, $0.40 Over The Road.

Loads within 40 miles - additional $15.00 each.

Every pick up, delivery, hook & drop of trailer is $20.00 each.

Detention after 2 hours of arrival or appointment for loading/unloading - $15.00 / Per Hour

Layover - for not having load the same day after loading/unloading - $50.00, Saturdays incentive $40.00, Sundays $50.00, day cab overnight Sleeping - $35.00

Any additional work and down time for all repairs and maintenance is $15.00/hour up to $105.00 per day.

All payments to independent contractors truck drivers should be made regularly on the weekly basis without any unpaid items missing or delays.

Independent Contractors Truck Drivers should not be forced to drive between 10:00 and 6:00 AM

Each driver is employed as independent contractor and is responsible for his/her own taxes and expenses associated with his/her service as independent contractor - truck driver.

Transportation company is required to provide safe and well maintained equipment. All repairs should be done as soon as possible. All other DOT rules and regulations should apply.

This contract expires one year from todays date unless changed, renewed by Jola LLC.

Transportation Company ___________________City___________State__Date_______Signature___________
I C T D_______________City_________State__Date_______Signature___________
Jola LLC, P.O. Box 248, Port Richey, FL34673, Date__________Signature_________

Application for independent contractors truck drivers / Tucking Companies:




Phone No. ______________Cell with Texting _______________ Email_____________________
Employer ID No. / Social Security No._______________________________
  Others______________________ Attach
Copy of your Driver License/ ICC Authority

Applying As:

Trucking Company applying for Independent Contractor Truck Driver_____

Independent Contractor Truck Driver for Trucking Company______

Equipment to be operated _________________________________________________________
Local_____  In State_____  Regional_____  Over The Road_____ Years in Trucking Business___________
Experience requesting/provided______________________________________________________
Applications and contracts can be emailed using our Contact form ( copy & paste to your message form)

None Electronic Application and Payment FormULAR FORMS AND PAYMENTS FORM:

Print out your applications, contracts & include payments to: Silesia Group Inc., P.O. Box 248, Port Richey, FL 34673

1 Trucking Company requesting Independent Contractor - Truck Driver
. $350.00
. .
2 Independent Contractor Truck Driver Registration
. $35.00 . .
3 Others
. . .
NAME _____________________________________ ADDRESS:_________________________________________
Phone No. ______________Cell with Texting _______________ Email_____________________________________________
Employer ID No. / Social Security No.______________________

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