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Desert Garden Oasis
Designed by Ted Jec. in 2000.
One of the Most Unique Gardens Oasis in South West of USA
Desert Gardens OasisGardens Oasis - South WestTree in Texas by Ted Jec
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  Desert Garden Oasis is located on the bottom of a mountain with view of local valley. Closed to paved road ( about 1.4 mile).
About 3500 feet Above the sea level. Very good, mild, dry and healthy climate with no pollution, bugs and mosquitoes.
July high average temperature is 98 F with cool nights, January average minimum 30F with about 70's during daytime.
20 minutes to small town with hospital and restaurants and Interstate Highway.
The town has golf course, convention center, many good restaurants and motels. 2 hours to large city.
It has wet weather creek running the entire way across.
Growing Season is 224 days/year. Average Annual rainfall is 10 inches.
40 Acres, 96 gardens of 25x50 - column A and X, 192 gardens of 50x50 ft, 112 gardens of 50x100 ft & 12 gardens of 100x100 ft
for total of 412 gardens in Peace, Harmony and Nature. Enjoy your living!
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All gardens are only available to members of Gardens Oasis.
Current membership - $125.00 / year payable to Jola LLC, P. O. Box 248, Port Richey, FL 34673, USA.
Human Rights Abuse and Refuges - we donate 24 gardens to those unfortunate people.
Land Owners - Donate some of your land for Garden Oasis in your state or country - Gardens Oasis allow members to live free from city life.
Please donate for our less fortunate members.
Thank you for participating in our greatest community of gardens. Live Free - enjoy Liberty, Freedom and Justice for all.
Rules and Regulations:
All Rules and regulations are based on universal law - the law of Universe.
Please join Gardens Oasis community and start enjoying your life.

40 Days in the Desert - Spiritual Retreat
Experience the life of Abraham, Jesus, Mohammad.
Come by yourself or with church members and experience the climate, and time from 2000 years ago.

Ride - Liberty 4 Humanity.
Come to Gardens Oasis and claim your Liberty 4 Humanity Price!

Finish your Ride any time during the year and win Prizes!

Artists Colony
Enjoy your creations all year long. Sell your art at, get connection with other artists, Live at Gardens Oasis - Texas
Enjoy Life and new Artistic Relationships! Membership includes Location and Discounts to all artists galleries located in Artists colony at Desert Gardens Oasis.

Mountain Bicycles
ATV, Motocross Vacation
Bring your own Mountain Bicycles, ATV, Motocross Bikes and enjoy the open space, mountains and valleys located at Desert Gardens Oasis area. This is one of the most unique places you can enjoy your mountain bikes. Get trip to Colorado River and the Border with Mexico. Ride in the mountains all year long. This is truly unique area for this sport.

Humanity Memory Wall
Submit Someone to be placed on Humanity's
Memory Wall.
Digital Media Underground Storage
Security, Safety, Invisibility for your Digital Data
Store all your digital medias - CD'S and Micro CD'S with your Photos, Videos and other digital data in remote, secured, third party underground  location where any creditors, governments, corporations, lawyers have no access.

Biosphere Living
1 month of vacation in Biosphere located at Desert Gardens Oasis.
This is very unique experience available only to lifetime members of Artists for Humanity.

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